We currently don’t have the next Leadership Fayetteville Class scheduled but if you are interested please drop us an email at  info@FayBiz.com  with the subject line – LEADERSHIP FAYETTEVILLE interest.

“Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It’s about impact, influence and inspiration. Impact involves getting results, influence is about spreading the passion you have for your work, and you have to inspire team-mates and customers.”   Robin S. Sharma


Leadership Fayetteville is a program for members of the Greater Fayetteville Chamber, offering its participants experiential learning opportunities to take an up-close and personal look at the challenging issues facing our City and County as well as the hidden gems that make our community special.  For 36 years, the Chamber has offered Leadership Fayetteville based upon an ideal that a great community depends upon sound leadership. This program has produced over 900 participants in the community that continue to network well beyond their time in the program, building sound business relationships which adds value to their organizations.​  Through community immersion and interactions with diverse leaders, Leadership Fayetteville cultivates leaders while igniting the advancement of the Fayetteville/Cumberland County/Ft. Liberty area.  Meeting for one full day a month September through May, the class covers eight different topic areas that impact the community in which we live and work.

​Why apply?  Here are five reasons:

  1. Expand your leadership capacity through immersion into the challenges and opportunities of our community.
  2. Collaborate with the area’s top community leaders and organizations.
  3. Develop deep relationships with a network of diverse colleagues.
  4. Gain valuable insight into the most challenging issues facing our area.
  5. Ignite change in our area!

The cost for the adult program is $950 per participant. This investment covers expenses for opening retreat, breakfast, lunch, snacks, speakers, program materials and graduation program.

For information on Leadership Fayetteville , call Taneshia Kerr at (910) 483-8133, or email: info@faybiz.com

Retreat/Team Building – Get to know your classmates and begin the process of building long-term business relationships while focusing on individual and team dynamics.
Community – Meet the people impacting the lives of thousands every day that enhance Fayetteville / Cumberland County’s quality of life.  The class’s community project will be chosen from one of the presentations given by local non-profits.
Arts, Entertainment & History – Nothing to do in Fayetteville? This day will debunk that cliché as it showcases the arts, culture, history and entertainment venues available to Fayetteville and Cumberland County residents.

First Responder – First responders see it all and they’ll share what a day in the life of our first responders is like.

Health/Medicine – Focuses on the high quality of healthcare available throughout the community.

Education – The day will focus on the County’s institutions of learning from Pre-K to our Universities.

Government – Meet with elected officials from the city, county and state government to discuss firsthand about important issues impacting our community.

Economic Drivers – What do industry, tourism and agriculture have in common?  All are vital economic drivers in a successful community – see and hear from leaders in these arenas.

Military – This exciting day presents an up-close and personal look at Fort Liberty, its leadership, mission, mandates, and equipment and, of course, the men and women dedicated to serving and protecting our Nation.


As a class the participants will select a  project which supports one or more of the program days themes. Potential projects are identified by local community partners. The participants will select a project through consensus and then work as a team to complete it prior to graduation. This real-world experience teaches participants how to work within a group and helps to build and demonstrate leadership skills. It is also provides an opportunity  for participants to make a lasting change in the community.

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