By applying for membership in the Consumer Protection Division, the business hereby agrees to:

  • Adhere to truth and integrity in all business and customer transactions;
  • Respond promptly to any complaint with all effort towards reaching a fair and reasonable settlement for all parties;
  • Support and comply with the policies, procedures, and guidelines of the Chamber’s Consumer Protection Division;
  • Respond promptly to periodic requests for confirmation and/or updates of information when requested by the Consumer Protection Division;
  • Notify the Consumer Protection Division of any change in ownership of business or other information provided on original application form; CPD membership is non-transferable. In the event of a transfer of ownership, the new owner(s) would be permitted to re-apply for membership after a 12-month waiting period from the date of transfer.

It is understood that the Consumer Protection Division will accept consumer complaints from time to time. It is also understood that acceptance to the Consumer Protection Division does not imply endorsement of the firm or product and may not be used as such. The Consumer Protection Division has no legal authority and does not presume either party to be at fault in a dispute, but works as a mediator to resolve issues that arise in the normal course of doing business. Non-compliance with the above may result in the termination of the business’ membership.

Greater Fayetteville Chamber